Risk Assessment

You must assess the risk of all forseeable hazards within your workplace. Then apply reasonably practicable control measures following a hierarchial approach.

A 5 step approach is the best way of achieving this:


Step 1 - Identify all forseeable Hazards

Step 2 - Identify Who can be harmed and How

Step 3 - See what control measures are being used and improve them where possible

Step 4 - Communicate your findings (Record if you employ 5 or more)

Step 5 - Review the risk assessment 


You need to assess all hazards within your workplace that have the potential to cause harm to anyone (not just your employees).


A 'General Risk Assessment' of your entire workplace / activities is a good place to start. Followed by 'specific' rsk assessments such as - Fire, Manual Handling, Display Screen Equipment, COSHH, New & Expectant Mothers, Young Persons, Vulnerable Persons etc.


Libben can take the pressure away from you by recording risk assessments on your behalf. For more information please contact us.

Risk Assessment

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