Why Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is so important.

Why Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is so important.
Posted 29th August 2018


Although all risks at work should be controlled at the source, if you can’t fully eradicate all risks to employees then PPE should be used. It is very important to know what types of PPE you need and what types are available,


Types of PPE:

Whole Body

Hazards – Contaminated dust, excessive wear or entanglement of own clothing, spray foam from pressure leaks or spray guns, heat, chemical or metal splash, impact, penetration

Options – Chemical suits, boiler suits, aprons, conventional or disposable overalls

Note – Material choices include, chain mail, flame retardant, high visibility, chemically impermeable and anti-static. Remember other protection like life jackets and safety harnesses.


Hazards – Dust, projectiles, gas and vapour, chemical or metal splash, radiation

Options – Faceshields, visors, safety spectacles, facescreens, goggles

Note – Ensure whatever eye protection you use fits properly and has the correct combination of impact/splash/molten metal/ dust protection for the task.


Hazards – Noise, a combination of the level of sound and the duration of exposure. Very high Levels are hazardous even for a short while.

Options – Semi-insert/canal caps, earplugs, earmuffs

Note – Choose protection that reduces noise to an acceptable level, while allowing for communication and safety. Provide correct ear protectors, for the relevant type of work and make sure workers know how to fit them. Read more…


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Source: HSE

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