Drinks help cannabis users cheat tests

Drinks help cannabis users cheat tests
Posted 12th March 2019

Construction companies are being warned that dozens of ‘cleansing drinks’ helping cannabis users cheat urine tests are on sale in the UK.

Drug testing is common practice in many construction firms, with urine and saliva-based drug tests being offered to new and existing employees. Some companies have even taken testing to another level by offering fingerprint drug testing, which includes pre-employment screening as well as random and for-cause testing, be it in the office or on construction sites.

The supplements – entitled Ultimate Detox – contain chemicals that flush cannabis toxins out of the body, enabling users to hide their drug use if they are tested by their employer. 

The drink, made by an Edinburgh-based firm, costs £30 and is marketing under the slogan ‘Never worry about a drugs tests again!’

Critics have accused manufacturers of helping cannabis users to break the law. Tory PM Craig Mackinlay – chairman of a parliamentary group that investigates the effects of cannabis on the brain, said: “the open availability of these drinks on the market is deeply worrying”.

There are concerns about drug use within the construction industry, with 35% of Scheme’s industry survey respondents noticing their colleagues under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The survey also revealed that 59% of respondents agree that drugs and alcohol are issues of concern.

Kevin Edwards, Managing Director of Libben Health and Safety said: “It is concerning that some employees within the construction industry work under the influence of drugs and alcohol, which poses a number of health and safety concerns. There are further concerns about people working when taking medication whilst working, with side effects including drowsiness.

It’s essential that those working in any industry are in a state to work safety, as consequences will not only have a devastating effect on them, but also their colleagues and families.”

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