3 Common Questions about the IOSH Managing Safely course

3 Common Questions about the IOSH Managing Safely course
Posted 16th May 2019

Are you a manager or supervisor who is thinking about enhancing their skills? Being able to manage health and safety is a must for any manager in any industry.

The IOSH Managing Safely is one of the most popular courses, namely because any manager in any sector can do it. However - if like many managers and supervisors - you would like a return on financial investment and are worried that IOSH would be difficult to pass, rest assured. It’s not as hard as you think…

So what is IOSH Managing Safely?

As basic risk assessment course, the IOSH Managing Safely is used by employers across the globe to train their managers and supervisors with the skills they need to ensure teams are working safely and effectively.

Accidents can cost businesses a lot of money – the more serious the injury, the higher the fine. In addition, the advice the company receives from the Health and Safety Executive also costs money, adding to the financial burden. So it’s in both the company and the managers’ best interests to make sure health and safety is adhered to.

So with that in mind, it makes sense to take on the IOSH Managing Safety course to accredit your skills and develop the know-how to manage safety in your organisation.

Here are the common questions people have about the course…


How hard is IOSH Managing Safely?

As a level 2 course, the IOSH Managing Safely can be taken and passed by anyone. It is best suited to managers and supervisors who are looking to enhance their careers whilst delivering a high level of safety management.

You don’t need to have any knowledge of health and safety to take on the course, but you’ll need a good standard of English, as classes are delivered in English and you’ll need to complete written tests.

Are the exams difficult?

The exams are more like an assessment made up of a test and a practical risk assessment project. There is a 45-minute short multiple-choice that consist of 30 questions. You’ll also carry out a risk assessment project, usually in the form of a mock risk assessment at your place of work.

Where do I take the exams?  

You can take the exam through a health and safety training provider. You’ll take the test in a classroom after the trainer has covered all of the contents in the course.


Interested in taking on the IOSH Managing Safely course? Libben Health and Safety deliver the course at any of their venues via ‘open’ courses. Alternatively, we can deliver the courses to suit the requirements of an organisation at their premises in-house.

The in-house can be split over a number of weeks if required to meet the operational requirements of the business.

If you would like to book your place onto an IOSH Managing Safely course, please call our team on 0843 289 2201 or email help@libben.co.uk.


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