Accredited or not accredited?

Accredited or not accredited?
Posted 04th June 2019

It is a myth that health & safety training must be accredited.

Recently, a member of one of our social media channels asked the question - 'The HSE stated at the annual conference that health and safety consultants are not required and just to use their website. So why sell courses?' 

Although we swiftly replied to this question, many people consider their Health & Safety Consultant with similar respect to an Accountant or Company Solicitor. 

It has to be said that Health & Safety could be in fact managed within the organisation. However, by definition of health & safety UK law, the organisation must appoint one or more persons to provide competent health & safety advice.

Health & safety training on the other hand does not have to be accredited or in fact delivered by a health & safety consultancy. However, most health & safety consultancies are both scrutinised and audited heavily by professional bodies. With that in mind, most organisations tend to opt for accredited health & safety training to meet both legal and contractual obligations.


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  • You’re our “go-to” company 😊. Health & Safety Consultancy

    Karon Eeles, Wintech Group
  • I passed my CSCS course with Libben a few years ago and was happy with the trainer and course. I have continued using Libben for my First aid and SMSTS, the trainers were great and would recommend Libben to anyone and the price was cheaper than the other course providers. Libben staff were very helpful. Will be using them again soon. - CITB SMSTS

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  • Excellent course. Delivered with confidence and understanding of different learning abilities - CITB SMSTS

    Ian Bowker, A L Coombs
  • Great knowledge, good teaching skills, kept a great deal of interest. Excellent. Good Explanations and great class participation - SMSTS Refresher

    Graham Wooton, BAM Construction