Halloween Safety Tips Keep Your Children Safe

Halloween Safety Tips Keep Your Children Safe
Posted 31st October 2019

Who’s excited to dress up their little ones for Halloween? Is outfit ready? Make up ready and pumpkin basket ready? Nothing better seeing smiles on your children’s faces when they empty their basket full of treats. You can imagine the excitement on their faces, so safety may be one thing not on their mind.

Tonight’s the night before your little witches and ghosts head out onto the street for Halloween. Let’s look through these quick tips


Halloween Outfits

Ensure your child has a flame-resistant outfit for their size to avoid falls and tripping. Apply something bright showing on their costume this could be

  • Handheld torch
  • Glow sticks
  • Non-toxic fluorescent paint


Halloween Treats

To be safe only take sweets that have been wrapped up, try to avoid

  • Taking unwrapped sweets in a bowl
  • Unwrapped chocolates
  • Handmade sweets
  • Mixed drinks


Halloween Road Safety

Road safety is even more important due to it being very dark to ensure your child

  • Stay together as a group with a responsible adult
  • Keep on a walking path
  • Have something bright for drivers to see them
  • Use the pedestrian road crossings


Halloween Door Knocking

Most parents or a responsible adult will trick or treat in their neighbourhood when knocking on doors ensure to

  • Knock on the doors without any no Halloween signs
  • If no one answers don’t continue to knock
  • Keep your children close by

Remember to keep your children safe around strangers! Have a first aid box ready.

Enjoy trick or treating. Have a great photo to share with us? Tag us your Halloween Facebook photos keeping your children safe @libbenhands

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