Salmonella urgent recall of hummus across UK

Salmonella urgent recall of hummus across UK
Posted 06th November 2019

Salmonella scare in hummus also known as hummous across supermarkets and food restaurants.

There has been an urgent recall of packets of hummus after a dangerous salmonella scare. Due to this, they have extended the original date of the recall which was the 7th November but now with the additional 10 days added until the 17th November.

This urgent decision was made by a company called Zorba Delicacies, which supplies large amounts of well-branded UK supermarket products such as Asda, Aldi, Lidl, and Sainsbury. Thousands of people across the UK have purchased this item that could be at risk and advised to return the product back to the store they purchased from for a full refund.

Massive scares like this can happen to any company. Are you apart of the food industry with a business or self-employed? Do you have the correct knowledge and understanding of the correct procedures?  Don't take the risk, ensure everyone has the relevant qualification.

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